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Essay 5: What is right to do:

noviembre 20, 2013

From the perspective of the global ONG’s, we respect the labor of the politicians and we agree on that it is not our business to intervene too much in their work to say what we think they should do or not. But as representatives of the most human organizations we do want to say a few words. To begin, we say that many of us like to think about what really is humankind. We like to see it as a community of equals, with no restriction of race, age, gender, culture and even states. In order to help achieve justice and harmony amongst all peoples, and eliminate the old barriers and differences, in order to fight for a brave new world, a better world, politicians should get aside their main differences. A way to begin the pursuit of this better future, leaders should focus their actions into accomplishing, as soon as possible, the so-called ‘Objectives of the Millennium’, which are the following:

1: The complete eradication of extreme poverty and hunger:

Social differences are a reality that many people who are on the top try to hide, or at least, don’t care of. It is extremely cynical to let 10 million people die in no less time than each year. More than a billions humans go to sleep today with hunger, and in most cases it is not their fault, but the fault of the macroeconomic system that governs the world in a a selfish and unjust way.

2: Achieve universal primary education:

In the world of today it is not conceivable that are not only adult illiterate people, but children, as many as 75 million today, being born and raised without a minimal education. It is extremely necessary that they learn to read, write, calculate and learn in order to enable them the prospects of a better future in their lives.

3: Promote gender equality and the autonomy of women:

Long have suffered many women by their husbands or men in general. Girls need to have education, as in poor countries their situation is much more dire than the one of the boys their age. Women need to be educated about their rights, laws need to be promoted in favor of them and they must have the same opportunities as men in their same situation.

4: Reducing infant mortality:

Reducing the number of children dead before the age of 5 is also an important endeavor. Many die from diseases their bodies are not prepared to reject, such as the malaria, pneumonia, measles, diarrhea, etc.

5: Bettering maternal health:

The number exact is unknown, but what it is known is that many women die while giving birth to their son, before, or after. While this was inevitable during history, in the world of today the humankind has the means to guarantee this type of health security and it is time people reacted to this great problem.

6: Combat VIH, malaria and other diseases:

Spreading diseases as VIH, malaria and other continue to wreak havoc in many parts of the world, and especially in the poorest, where medicine is not reached easily. Although cures are being found and in the case of the VIH the number of affected is being stabilized, these epidemics continue to grow in victims.

7: Guarantee the sustainment of the environment:

The compromise with the environment must not consist only of the reduction of the contamination, but also, in the future, an effort to revert the situation, a process of cleaning the environment. This is vital not only for the sustainment of nature but also to the facility of access to potable water to the poorest people in the third world.

8: Foster a worldwide association for development:

Create an organization that deals with special situations, like the development of island countries, the creation of a more opened international financial system, just and foreseeable. It should be an organization that acts as a base for cooperation between the poorest countries.

A political leader that leads his nation to advance humankind, without restrictions, to a better future would be, to us, a perfect leader of today, a leader worthy to vote and follow.

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