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ESSAY 1: In which I say hi: Hi:

marzo 19, 2014

To describe myself can be complicated, I think. I suppose I can begin with my name: I am called Eduardo Collin Hernández. In my Spanish ID Card it is indeed Eduardo, but in my Belgian ID my baptismal name is the one written: Edouard André and four other names. You can glimpse in this introduction a few keys about myself: I am indeed half Belgian and half Spanish, from father and mother respectively. I lived and went to nursery school in Brussels until I was five, and my family moved then to Spain and I have lived near Barcelona, the city of my mother until now.

From my father, I gained this phrase: ‘The ignorant says, the wise doubts and ponders’. In facts, passion for knowledge. In opinion, openness. In beliefs, firmness. High thinking, profound reflection, objective judgment, and intellectual mind. From my mother, care and appreciation. Love for things and people. Uncommon common sense. From both, sensibility for arts, benevolence and humility. And a lot of culture.

From all above else, maybe passion for knowledge has been the most important trait that has conditioned my life, and made me who I am, and specially, who I am not. Behind me I have thousands of hours reading, or watching whatever I could learn from. In the artistic field I have also submerged myself, in what I consider to be my three legs: Writing, having won a story contest for example; drawing, dozens of works of all styles, and specially music, playing the flute and the piano, and composing also dozens of pieces in a computer program. I am also a lover of videogames and I defend them whenever oblivious people full of prejudices and misconceptions bash them. Video games are truly one of the taboos of today’s society and truly a superior form of art that can amaze sometimes.

As an international type of person who isn’t fully nationalistic I’ve always loved to learn about all the places. I travel whenever I can to wherever I can, and always strive to know about every country I am, its geography, its history, its culture, etc. So far I’ve been to many places inside Europe, not many outside it. Something that should change soon enough.

It can be curious to realize that someone with my profile has gone studying this course of Economics etc. far from Barcelona. Indeed, had I not gone to study this career I would have probably studied music or something of that kind. But my ambition is to be an important person, as high as I can be, and serve society in the most influential way I can, so this is why I’m here, and not elsewhere.


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