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ESSAY 2: On women and business, on women in business:

marzo 19, 2014

           It is known the one of the major changes on the society of the last century and a half has been the radical transformation women have been subject to in their social role and position. Arising from a patriarchal society, where they were confined to the domestic terrain, incapable of acting in political life and under an inferiority complex, full of prejudices and misconceptions about them, they are now in most cases treated equally as man at home, at work, at all places, normally. The society of today has finally, the first time in history, with exceptions, placed men and women in most cases.

            But the thing is, many feminist organizations, studies, facts, and from what plain observation of today’s society can be observed, there are still things, grounds, situations where women are still in an inferior position. These are mainly the high ranks, the elites. Woman in their work it is true that they are a bit underpaid in relation to men and have their problems to harmonize their work, especially if they are well placed with high responsibilities, with their life at home, where it is known that the fact they work more than men in domestic chores and the caring of children. Not to mention that the hiatus that pregnancy causes in their professional career hinders them.

            But if these so called injustices are constant since always, if objectives of natural parity are not even in serious progress of been achieved, after trying always, one might and should not stop to think that is not only the fault of men and social prejudices the fact that woman are not up there. Maybe, surely, it is the woman, the nature of woman itself, even, a fact that prevents them from escalating positions. With this I am implying that women are inferior? In some senses, yes. Because women are inferior in some things to men and men are inferior to women in others. Trying to argue that men and women are equal is nonsense. Biology tells us that male and female genders are specialized in the same in thousands of different species, and man is no different.

            If, like the TED talk woman says, women auto-undervalue themselves, are shyer and are less willing to prove themselves, it is that they and only they are achieving what they want to achieve. In the end, it is not social misconceptions but more like natural selection and balance of probabilities that creates those results and those statistics. Everyone is most pleased with the evolution of the woman in society, but in this last step no man can help significantly to bring women high. Only women can make possible the realization of the conquest of equality between both genders.


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